Exhibit A, 2018 was filmed in the same domestic room over a 3-week period and investigates the constraints and potential of Julie Lovett’s personal environment. The artist experiments with light, sound, objects, and acting techniques to compose narratives about frustration, relationships, and the act of viewing. In Exhibit A, she utilises the immediacy of the materials and objects around her, engaging not only with physical but also with abstract and pictorial spaces. Film, sculptural installation, performance and painting collide to form a new testing ground in which making, doing, and ‘making do’ are explored.

Commissioned for House Taken Over, a weekend of talks, performances and artist responses within a historical home in South Belfast curated by Hickey + Hickey. House Take Over was presented as part of the 2018 Sonorities Festival organised by the Sonic Arts Research Centre at Queen’s University Belfast and included work that draws on festival core themes; forms of listening, techno-human encounters and matters such as machine listening and audio coding.

Superstar, 2018 explores the relationships that co exist between immediate and abstract spaces. Filmed in my city flat in Belfast, Northern Ireland, this work incorporates, plays on and manifests the physical and formal aspects of traditional film and painting.  Using and manipulating audio, sound and time, the piece explores ideas of the ego and narrative through internal and external spaces.